05 December, 2011

Bath Castle, Ludhiana

The wedding took place in a venue called Bath Castle in Ludhiana. What a magnificent place it was. The grandeur of the place had to be seen to be believed. It was an extravagant wedding. The venue was befitting for the wedding of Kings and Queens. It had an old world charm, yet in a very modern and elegant way. Ceremonies started in a bright sunny winter afternoon and went on till late at night. It was a splendid space and wonderful people.
I am very impressed with how elegantly people in Ludhiana dress up in exquisite designer finery, that spells nothing but class. All of them are ultra fit and health conscious.
There was a live band of girls playing wonderful music. Vast array of food of different cuisines was spread out. Each table had exquisite flower arrangement. Every arrangement was just so perfect. The guests were so well looked after. It was a very impressive wedding that I attended.