15 December, 2011

People who add value to my Blog

When I get emails like below, it brings happiness and Sunshine in my life. It gives a purpose to my blog. It keeps me going. Thank you everyone.
Here I must also say a very special thanks to my very special reader Navjot, who writes to me everyday on my every blog post and every picture. This despite the fact that he finds it hard to type sometimes. So his emails are extra special. To know more about Navjot, read the blog post about him here.

Here is an email, worth mentioning. Thank you for showering so much love with so much sincerity. I feel blessed, flattered and humbled.

Dear Ms. Sawhney,

My name is..... (kept confidential).  My draft will soon reveal the reason for my initiative to write to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

I have lived away from India over 25 years now, but my heart and soul still breathes everything Indian. I am especially a die-hard fan of Indian sarees. In recent years, I have tried to purchase one-of-a-kind sari from every region of our country; this country which hosts such skilled weavers.  I admire their talent, their skilled hands, and their relentless efforts to produce such masterpieces. I believe that their efforts should be recognized and appreciated.

In my pursuit of finding exclusive sarees, I have often stumbled upon your blogs. And I have been impressed with your exclusive collection. I find your blog very knowledgeable and resourceful. I appreciate reading them and am hoping to gain some perspective from you on how to purchase some high quality, real zari chanderi sarees. I have tried to friend you on fb, but please know that it is by no means to inconvenience you in any way. I am simply in awe of your collections, especially Chanderi sarees, and I would sincerely appreciate any advice from a sari connoisseur as yourself.
 I also read somewhere that you take custom orders for women since you work directly with the weavers. I am also interested in purchasing the same sari you have posted at .....
On another note, I would have contacted you for personal sessions to train with you if I lived in Delhi.
Thank you for your time and assistance.
Thank you for resonating that smile; it radiates peace and happiness. I wish I could meet you in person some day I am in India. Life gets very very hectic and stressful and it is so refreshing for me to read your blogs. I must honestly admit that it is because I have a fetish for Indian sarees, that I enjoy your pictures, but your smile also brings peace and a sense of being.
Warm regards in sincerity,


I'm simply delighted to hear from you. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to write in, especially knowing the many demands you must have on your time. But there were no surprises there! This is exactly what the images portray; your grace, simplicity, kindness, and a sense of calm and content. Thank you for taking the time to write back. And thank you so much for your contact #. I may be planning a trip to Delhi sometime next year. I would like to meet you when I'm there, of course only when and if convenient for you.
Thank you so much. I truly feel the "kiran" radiating from your smile.