06 December, 2011

What I wore for day time wedding ceremonies.

This is what I wore for the Day time Wedding ceremonies.
It is a suit bought from Ensemble. Remember my earlier blog post here, where I promised to showcase the suit that I bought, later. So here it is. 

She is bride's Chachi (father's younger brother's wife). Good family friend. The whole family is just so slim and good looking.

Standing with me is bride's chachi, her daughter (bride's cousin) and her fiance. She has always been brilliant in her studies. Topped throughout her high school. Studied in Ivy League college in US and now she and her fiance are both successful microbiologist, working in US. Her wedding is in couple of months. Again watch the beautiful, very trim mother and daughter.

She is very old family friend. In fact I know her since even before I got married.