18 January, 2012

Dealing with privacy on the blogosphere

Today, I am inspired to write this blog post after reading Leia blog post here. Privacy on blogosphere is important and how do I ensure that?

Yes, as much as my life seems like an open book, it is not so. I am quite careful with what I write and what I mention. At the back of my mind, while writing a blog, many things are lurking. 
I am always quite aware of my readership. Who is reading my blog, when, from where, for how long, which blog post, etc etc. I guess every blogger monitors these stats for various purposes. We, as bloggers would want to know about our readers, which part of the world are they coming from, which blog posts of ours are most popular, what are our target audience, etc etc.

Secondly, while posting pictures, I would not reveal all details of my home. Most of my pictures will be shot in the same few corners of my home.
I would never reveal an event/travel date/destination before it happens. Every thing that has gone by/is past, which no one can change, rectify, tamper with, will be mentioned. That is why, I never put on fb that I AM at so and so place. Nor tweet, I AM here, doing this. It is always blogged as, I DID this, went here, met this person etc. Stalkers can only stalk my past. They get insight only to that. 

Thirdly, we all have levels of consciousness, emotions, feelings. I am quite aware of my own levels. My blog reveals only to a certain level of me. Beyond that, it remains my personal. 
My blog is true self portrayal of me and things, events and people around me but it is allowed to exhibit only till a superficial layer.