25 January, 2012

Faith- Sankalpa

There is so much strength in our sankalpa, we forget this. So many people have their work done without asking. Have faith. With faith a lot can change. 
Break through all the barriers and feel that you are blessed. This Is the one and only step you have to take - the rest will all happen....'

‎"It is said that God measures and then attaches the tail on each animal. He did not attach the tail of an elephant to a goat, because it will not be able to carry it. Every animal is assigned a tail as long as it can carry.

Similarly, every person’s problem is his tail. You face only those problems that you can handle. I have come to solve those problems that you cannot handle. All the Gurus and intellectuals in the society are there primarily to solve your problems. The whole world, and your friends and relatives are there with you. You are not alone. So, ‘God is there, He exists’; I have come here just to remind you of this fact. God is there and He loves you a lot and He is in you.

If for small and frequent intervals we quieten our minds, we will be able to establish that connection with him. Then, whatever you desire, will no longer remain impossible. ‘Jo ichcha kariho manu maahi, prabhu prataap kachhu durlabh naahin’"

‎"I want to reassure you that there is a power within you, which you are not utilising. If you utilise it, then you will have no reason to be sad.

‘Dukh main tyaag, sukh main seva’; Surrender in times of sorrow, and serve in times of happiness and joy. If we do this, then continuously, a wave of devotion will arise within us. If we are happy, we should do seva. And if we are upset, we must surrender it and have faith that our work will be done."

‎"Life is priceless. It is a gift from God. If we don’t care for it, we remain unhappy. When we care for it, we start receiving what we desire. I have come here to remind you one thing, do you know what? No, that is why I have come here to remind you of it (laughs). You don’t know why I have come here, right?

I have come to remind you that there is one power that exists; God exists. If you don’t believe me then ask me. I’ll say, God exists. And He loves you a lot. Then you’ll ask, ‘Why did He give me suffering? If God exists, then why is there misery’?

When we go against him or become ungrateful, then sorrow increases. When we are troubled, then we will have to seek God. Then we come to know that in times of pain, there has been someone by my side." Sri Sri

‎"If you are open, you are close to me!
If you are close to me, you cannot but open up!" - Sri Sri

True love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.