09 January, 2012

Irritating features of facebook

Do you dislike any/many features of facebook?

I HATE 2 features. And really want that facebook should do away with these.

1. Poke- I mean why? Why would someone known/unknown poke you? I would hate this "poking" business in real life too. And here it is happening on facebook. Someone comes and pokes me, my reaction is SLAP.

2. Tag- I am glad if someone tags MY picture. Thank You. But what about pictures which are not me? I have been tagged in pictures of flowers, butterflies, new year cards saying 2012. People win a trophy and they tag me, people have an event and they tag me. How ridiculous. I have put my facebook status million times imploring everyone not to tag me in such pictures. I have gone and removed such tags. But no. People do not understand.

What do I do? Can facebook add a feature named SLAP? I would use it a lot.