05 January, 2012


There are three kinds of relationship

1. I am for you. You are for me. 50-50- not even 49 and 51. Complete balance. -LOVE. It is the ultimate for this materialist world to achieve happiness. You know that you are well taken care of and you take care of your partner. There is a perfect bonding.
2. I am for myself. You are for yourself.- COMPROMISE. Here you bet on either your strength or you bet on the other person's weakness. You are together till the time, the other person does not overcome his/her weakness. The day, the other person does that, the bond is finished.
3. I am for you. You are also for you- DEVOTION. Love of the highest form. Very rare to find. Because there is no expectation. It cannot survive in this materialist world. Soon, you would get exasperated and move on. But it is ultimately divine.

Which one is your love? Are you happy with your love? Do you know which one is my love for you?

What is the ultimate test of you being in love?

When your partners happiness or sadness affects you. You are happy or sad in his/her happiness or sadness. When you are affected, you are in bond. That is what differentiates between what is mine and not mine, between where you have a bond or not have a bond. Any relationship, which does not have that bond, no matter how close that relation is, has no meaning, is dead.

Why is it that when you give something of yours to your dear one, you feel happy? But if the same thing gets lost/stolen/taken away, by force from you, you feel sad. It is simply because of your bonding. You do things happily for your dear ones. You give them something and feel happy. Because there is a bond of love. But if it is someone who is unknown to you and that thing of yours goes to that person, you lament for its loss. This is the difference between loved one and unknown one.

Love is a lot like dancing. You just surrender to the music.