28 January, 2012

Me and my sister- our childhood pictures

My childhood pictures and memories would never be complete without reference to a person with whom I have been closest to- my sister. She is eight years younger to me. We were/are very close. I can bully her, share secrets with her, confide in her, advice her, seek her advice, count on her, etc etc etc.

After reading this blog, my sister wrote me a following email. I thought, I should share it on the blog too. Love you too my dearest.
Just read your blog - u r shooooo cute!! Love u - always and forever - umaah!
I was looking at those pictures, reading your blog and commenting within myself -
Bully - yes, for sure. But then, u have also always lifted me up/carried me up high too (literally in that pic and that pic is so symbolic of life as well:))
And I've always told u - "You are the wind beneath my wings"

In the above picture, we were in freezing cold water and she was clinging on to me, tugging on to me. In the process, she almost made me fall and for one and only time, got a whack from me for doing that. So this picture became historic memory for us.