07 January, 2012


There are two kinds of men- Type A, Type B. 

Characteristics of Type A
Give them an orange to peel and they would look at you blankly and ask, "am I supposed to peel it with hand or with knife?"
They scream/shout/abuse you. Yes, you heard me right- ABUSE.
They calculate ROI (return on investment) on women.  
They try to control you, dominate you, possess you, rule you, suffocate you. 
Hey! you know what? They even have the audacity to DEMAND. "Why are you doing this for type B? Why not for me?"
And of course, they have an amazing capacity/capability to RANT RANT & RANT.
They are inconsiderate and unsympathetic even if you are unwell
Why are we even wasting this blog post on Type A? They are ad nauseam. Naah...not worth it.

Lets talk about Type B
They can cook this exotic meal for you. Yummy!! Slurpp!!!
They know how to treat you like a lady and make you feel special. Period. Do I need to say anything further? Thats why Type B is Mr. Big.
If you are B+ blood group like me, you should go for Type B.