29 January, 2012

My Sunday so far

Sunday morning started with meditation. After that I had a business meeting (Yes, even on Sunday). That explains the business suit. But immediately after that, I had to leave for a movie. The only way to transform the business look and soften it a bit, was to add a dash of pink and change my shoes. So here is the look.

I saw Agneepath. It is a gory movie with lots of violence. I am a person who likes chick flicks and romantic movies. But, this movie is getting rave reviews. Every actor has enacted so well. Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra look fabulous. Sanjay Dutt is scary. Rishi Kapoor portrays his character so well. Till date he is such versatile actor. The songs, costumes and direction of the movie is brilliant. Despite the fact that it is a violent movie, I would say, it is still worth watching.

I saw it in Director's cut. For people who are not from delhi, this is how the Director's Cut looks like. It is a gold class theatre with a chic lounge outside.