22 January, 2012

Rapid fire Questions by Sri Sri

Sunday morning- The day starts with Sudershan Kriya. Felt Bliss. Felt you. Felt HAPPY, energized and invigorated. 

Q: Guruji, there are some rapid fire questions! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, yes, fire them!
What is Guruji? Child who refuses to grow up!
Politics? Inevitable.
Religion? Lifeline or could be deathline.
Anger? Avoidable.
Fear? Love upside down. 
Joy? Your nature.
Knowledge? That brings happiness.
Alcohol? That brings misery.
Devotee? The lucky one.
Chaos? Mother of bliss.
Your smile? Unforgettable.
Prayer? Works.
Relationship? Doesn’t work all the time.
Youth? Responsibility. Anyone who takes responsibility is a youth.
Intelligent? One who performs the responsibility.
World? A gift to humanity.
Truth? God.
Love? Another form.
Technology? Meant to bring comfort.
Seva? That which you can’t avoid.
Future? That which you can make bright.
God? Love. - Life? The same. :D JGD!