26 January, 2012

When I was 19 year old.

My family member posted this picture of mine on fb. Here I was 19 year old. I saw this and am so amused. I am looking so different- I was fat, had long straight hair, was so innocent, was such a kid.
This is at my cousin sister's wedding. I wore a sari. This pic had to be shared on my blog.

In response to this post, I got one cute email saying, "Oh, my God, you look so different now! You're one of those people who looks better with age! (By the way, who chose the blue sari you wore to your cousin's wedding? It is so different compared to your style now.)"

My response- "ha ha...I am like a wine..
yes blue sari is so tacky...(hang my head in shame)...but it was an era when sequins were rage and I was a kid...had borrowed mom's sari...her HEAVIEST sari.."

Mr. Big is back from Europe and I am just so elated. Missed him. Oh yes! I did.
When thinking stops, love begins...