14 February, 2012

Divine Valentine:

Guarding the heart from the scars of time

Abiding in the self, you become the valentine for the whole world. Spirit is the valentine of matter and matter is the valentine of the spirit. They are made for each other. They uphold each other. If you hold onto matter and do not respect the spirit, then matter is not pleased. If you honor the spirit then you will care for the world, and when you care for the world, it will take care of you.

Make the Divine your Valentine (your sweet beloved). This is the last thing to do and the first thing to do. Keep your heart in a safe place; it is too delicate. Events, small things, make strong im pressions on it. And you cannot find a better place than the Divine to keep your heart safe and your mind sane.

When you keep your heart in the Divine, the moving time, the passing events, will not be able to touch it, will not create a scar. A precious stone needs a setting around it, gold or silver, to hold it and to wear it; so wisdom and knowledge are that setting around the heart which will hold it in the Divine.

See the Divine in your Valentine and make the Divinity your Valentine (your sweet beloved). Just be... and know that you are loved... that is beloved.

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji