21 February, 2012

Email in response to my blog

The other day, I got this fabulous email from a girl, I had met few years back. I thought it deserves to be published.

I met you a couple of years back when I visited your studio to figure out a weight loss plan. Unfortunately, it couldn't happen but what did happen is that I connected to you. And what a fortunate thing it has been. I often visit your blog and read through, some times even re read :)  The content is simple, to the point, funny, and sometimes very gutsy. All things I connect to. 

You bring a lot of light and that's never a bad thing. Keep writing, Kiran. Some of us may not write back but that's our loss, not yours. 

Again, I love your posts and I love who you are as a person. Merci ami (Thank you, friend)