29 February, 2012

Friends do make life better

In an age of social networking and emails, people rarely have time for thick friendships. Research has proven that specially women have a need to connect with their gal pals. They can empathize and comfort better. Sisterhood is an important part of womanhood. Women de stress when they gossip.
Have friendships without any hidden motives or agendas. Have a rock solid bond with your friends and stand with them through thick and thin.
With my girlfriends, I know for sure, how they will always be by my side when I need them. We do not talk about jewels nor try to impress each other with our latest acquisitions. We are most relaxed and chilled out with each other and are very non judgemental about each other. We give other person space and yet unconditional love and support whenever needed. We can pour our heart out to the other and know that our secrets are safe. Such should be the friendships.