16 February, 2012


I reader/friend/client of mine shared with me this link, of urban dictionary, which has the meaning of my name, Kiran.
This is what my name means.


A ray of sunlight. A sweet and compassionate girl who would do anything to make anyone smile. She is determined and strongwilled and will kick your ass if you get in her way of achieving her dreams. She's stunningly beautiful and sexy in a playful way.

She also kicks ass soccer, so you'd better watch it!
Wow...Kiran is amazing!
beam of light
Kiran: Someone very hot, smart, has lots of friends and is the coolest person alive. A Kiran, is someone so perfect, you are jealous of them.
Person 1: That girl is so Kiran!

Person 2: I know I'm so jealous.
Name that means "ray of light", which is very suitable for this girl. Always there for her friends, one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet. She's very intelligent, but never holds herself superior to others. A bit of a perfectionist, and prone to get stressed out because she has such high expectations of herself. She never fails to amaze others with her pure selflessness, compassion, and support. Everyone needs a Kiran in their life. <3
"Who is she? She's so sweet"
"Her name's Kiran"
1) The first ray of light from the sun in the morning 

K-Sizzle. Hottest Punjabi girl you'll ever meet. Found in north London. Privately educated... Naturally.
Super sweet and kind and caring and like totes the best friend you'll ever meet. EVER! Also, her hair is always perfect and she has the world's most perfect smile. EVER!