28 February, 2012


Observe a child and see how he laughs, spontaneously, genuinely, without any reason, enjoying the moment. Learn to laugh and smile for no reason. People today have forgotten to smile. They will laugh at jokes of someone, whom they consider superior to themselves, even if they do not understand the joke because they do not want to portray an image of ignoramus. Do not take yourself too seriously. Successful people need not look grave and serious all the time. Let go. Smile and laugh. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine.
Having said this, let me also add here that humor and mockery are two different things. Be humorous in your approach. But never mock at others nor let anyone get away by mocking at you/being sarcastic towards you/passing snide remarks at you, and laughing at your expense. There is a thin line that divides the two. Only people with very low self esteem can pass off mockery as humor. But there is nothing funny in mockery.