15 February, 2012

Men like Manu Sharma

I have been thinking about Jessica Lal murder case. Manu Sharma, in front of dozens of witnesses shot her dead in a fit of rage without any provocation from her.
There still exist such species of men. They are still lurching there out in the open. I have personally known similar breed.
These men, are alcoholics, dead drunk and without any instigation from a woman, start picking on her, abusing her, in full public view. And the eye witnesses, choose to ignore him.
Should these inebriated men not be banned/ barred/blacklisted from such do's? Or are we waiting for yet another Jessica Lal murder case to happen?
What right does any man have to obloquy a woman and that too without any casus belli? Manu Sharma did it because he was refused a drink. I have known a man who did it because he was refused a dance.
Such a man is such a big waste- like ash- he can never win.