26 February, 2012

The secret of being happy

I think the biggest secret for being happy is "being yourself". Never wear a mask. Never do what is not coming from within but is being done to confirm to the norms of society, or to please someone else.
Discover yourself. Ask yourself, what you want, who you are, where you want to be?
Stop imitating other person. Yes, adopt the positive qualities of others but do not try to have a similar lifestyle of someone else just because he/she seems happier, more successful, etc. Only people with low self esteem aspire to be like someone else. They put up fake accents, dress up like someone else and do things that are alien to them.
Some people never ever smile. Because they attribute smiling to being frivolous. Business class passengers, wearing pin stripes, glasses, reading financial express, working on a lap top will never smile. Because they think that it works against their image in the corporate sector.
Be yourself. Be honest. Do not have inhibitions. Voice out your emotions. You will eliminate unhappiness and will be so happy.
Discontentment is a root cause of many of your problems. In this materialist world, we keep seeing how someone else has a better car, better house, better spouse, better body, better pay package/earning, better lifestyle than us. We get into a rat race and are engulfed in discontetment. If only, we can count our blessings- what we have and know that we are special, we will be so much more happier. Know that you are special- God's special child, His chosen one. Look around you and see what you have that million of others do not have. Accept people and situations the way they are.
We are living in a world that adores and chases success. But define what success means to you and then chase your dreams accordingly. In corporate lingo, do SWOT analysis, which is abbreviation for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.
Do you actually think that a every rich person is actually happy within? Can money buy happiness? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ambanis may not have similar problems as you and me but at the top, there are other problems that torment them.
Define for yourself, what makes you happy. Then pursue your dreams accordingly. But do remember that for everything in life there is a price to pay. Be ready for that price because you have made your choice. We just see the success of others but that is just the icing on the cake or a tip of an iceberg. We do not know what price they paid to achieve that. Are you ready to pay the same price?
Human beings have sadistic instincts. This attitude is the driving force behind the page3 circuit. We all want to portray to others how happy, successful, rich, powerful, fashionable we are. That is the whole purpose of hosting a big party and letting the whole world know about it. It is not enough that you succeed. The other must fail as well. I am not against partying, against page3 etc. What I am propagating is that do not enter the rat race. Do not let others lifestyle, success, etc affect you at all. Just be yourself. Enjoy the way you want to. Just do not get swayed. Balance in life is very important.