13 February, 2012

Sri Sri

Sri Sri: Satyam bruyat-Speak the truth
Priyam bruyat: Speak pleasant words
Na bruyat Satyam Apriyam- Dont talk unpleasant truth.... Sri Sri

"Without you Where Will I Be ....

Fish without water
Sky without stars or sun
Words that don't sound...

Without you Where Will I Be .

Body without life
Mud without moisture
Air that doesn't blow
Fire that doesn't light

Without you Where Will I Be..

Eyes without sight
Ears that cannot hear..
Tongue that doesn't taste..

Without you Where Will I Be..

A Devotee cannot even imagine his existence without the Divine...it is so intoxicating the intoxication never comes down.. it is such an addiction.. How to put in words.. Without you where will I be..Only a Devotee is eligible to go into Ashtavakra...Ashtavakra Grounds..Its like the grounding force.. A devotee goes so high up in the air, Ashtavakra grounds him.."

.. Sri Sri

One who has control over himself, has control over everything else; one who has no control over himself, tries to control others." Sri Sri