02 February, 2012

Tango leaders

All my blog readers know how much I love dancing. Specially, Tango. Of course, I was not good in this dance form from day one. But I was dedicated and a put lot of effort and training in it. I practice alone for hours everyday. Today, I am quite confidant about my technique and form. The evidence of it, is also that Yours Truly has been invited to perform on an international platform with an international teacher. But more details of it will be revealed after it is all done. Today the subject is something else. The subject is what kind of leaders turn me off or turn me on, on the dance floor. I am a self claimed snob when it comes to dancing Tango. In a dance form, where there are more followers than leaders, and leaders get the upper hand in asking for a dance, here I like to call the shots.

Lets see what are the things that put me off and make me stay away from dancing with a particular leader.

1. Person who acts like a maniac, tries to control me, tells me that I should dance only with him and nobody else, or not with the person that I like to dance with. My antennas suddenly pop up and tell me, "stay away, stay away." I give right to nobody in this world to control me. The only person who can control me is ME.

2. The person who after finishing a dance, goes "ha ha ha" loud. As if to self applaud himself. Oof!! embarrassing. Again, " Stay Away".

3. The leader or person who tries to teach on the dance floor. Hello, I know my job. Do not try to be my unpaid and unwanted teacher.

4. The leader who sweats or smells bad. Yuck!! I can nastily say in the middle of the dance, "Go wipe your sweat." or "please put some deodorant".

5. The leader, who climbs on my toes/feet/my pretty tango heels. Or for that matter does not give me time to collect.

6. The leader who offers to massage. Hey! I will go to spa if I want one. Or if I want one, I will ask. Dance if you can.

7. The leaders who unnecessarily offer too much hand resistance. Man, I will follow even your most subtle lead, provided you give it well. Stop fighting with me on the dance floor. It is not a boxing ring after all. On the dance floor, I am dainty. You want to try kickboxing with me, come and meet me outside. I will show you my skills in that too.

8. Man who does not treat other followers on the floor well. If a fabulous leader, treats one of my girlfriend/follower, who might be beginner, might not be great looking, etc etc, badly, that leader would not get a dance with me.

9. Last but not the least, who dares to comment on my dress, shoes, attire, anything bad. Comment- keep it to yourself. I am too sure of what I wear, how I wear and when I wear. Do not give your unsolicited advice. Do not even think about passing a sarcastic remark. Keep your mouth shut and open it only if you have a compliment to give me.

10. Leaders who act like they are a God's gift to women.

I am basically a down to earth, humble, warm, gentle and giving person. But if someone behaves funny/irrational/bad, I do not take things lying low. Attitude- I am so capable of giving double of it back.

Who are the leaders I look forward to dancing with, are a treat, a pleasure to dance with?

1. First and foremost, dressed well, smells well, has a good breath, wears good shoes.

2. Very Important- They lead well/ dance well/ fun to dance with. If a person is multi talented, knows many dance forms besides Tango (like me), even better. Should not be stuck up. Should be able to dance on any music at any time. WOW!!
Most self proclaimed, "good and experienced" dancers cannot dance to any and every music. They freeze if they are in any other social gathering besides Milonga.

3. Should have the etiquettes of milonga. Asks me for a dance by using cabeceo, escorts me back to my chair after the dance. Basically treats me well like a lady.