09 February, 2012

Turn vegetarian

Turn Vegetarian. It is also something that Guruji promotes. Stop killing animals. These pictures are just so disturbing.

Just sick and CRUEL CRUEL!! The other dogs sitting right next to the dead, murdered dogs, awaiting their turn.

If humans were in the picture, this would be called a genocide – a holocaust. The people in charge would be called evil; their acts - torture and murder. But because this is happening to animals who are not humans, it is seen as “farming”, “the circle of life”, and worst of all, “normal”. If we would be the victims, we would scream, and we would blame the ones who would torture and slaughter us. But when we are on the other side, we choose to look away, to ignore, to support, to consume and to profit out of these actions…

Face of vivesection...:( Look at that face so full of pain, and misery...Please buy products with no animal testing!