22 March, 2012

Teatro Colon

After the Tango festival got over, we were relaxing a bit and took a sight seeing trip. We went to see Teatro Colon. If you have any free time in BA, do try to see a performance at the Colon. It is magnificent--a true icon of Argentine style and history. If the theatre is dark, at least take a tour. PorteƱos are justly proud of their just completed renovation of this histroic building. It is one of the top five Opera Houses in the world, with good reason. A magnificent restoration. 

It was funny/wierd. Everyone there mistook me for being Spanish. One lady even asked me, "why are you talking in English?" I said, "because that is what I know." Then she asked, "you no spanish?"(She wanted to ask- Are you not Spanish?) And I said "no." 
From which angle do I look Spanish? I am happily, proudly, beautiful Indian. I found it strange. What do you think?