06 March, 2012

Answer to beautiful email I got today

Today I got this following email from one of the reader.

Dear Kiran,
Hope you are doing well. I am a regular reader of kiransawhney.com.
Needless to say, I am so inspired by you!
I am really inspired by your dedication to life.
I want to ask you something. I hope you would reply .
My question to you  is : from where do you draw your courage from ? Does courage and fearlessness comes with age or with certain social standing ?
I am a homemaker from India, My age is 34, I try my best to be courageous but somewhere I feel that lacking in me.
For instance, I have got a blog. I sometimes do fashion posts in my blog just like you do but without the face- i.e. I only show the outfits. I am afraid to show my face to the world. I am afraid that I will ' attract ' the wrong kind of attention. My in-laws are very traditional and also the society in which we live ( although I live in a city far from the society that I have mentioned ).

My problem is that I really am very afraid of social rules although in my mind I feel liberated - I want to be liberated.
How to just let go off everything and do what I love ?
Will you please advice me ?
I have started my journey into spiritualism but I sometimes find that spiritual advice sometimes makes me feel so guilty. It tells me to sacrifice and accommodate the interests of others.

I find you so gutsy Kiran. how can I become gutsy like you ? please guide me.

Thanks for reading this.
Hope you will reply back.

With lots of love,

I am not revealing the name of my reader. Now to reply few questions or rather put forth my view points- most of which I have already expressed:

You draw courage and strength from within you. Sometimes an external force too is required. So you seek help.
The idea is be honest with yourself and others. And then after you know with conviction that you are right, put your thoughts in actions. At the end of the day, you are answerable only to your own conscience. Be strong and fearless. Do not hurt others but love yourself the most. Be comfortable in what you do. If you are not comfortable in giving your face to your pictures, do not do it. For each individual different things work. Do not do it because I do it. 
But never live in any kind of fear or guilt. Spirituality teaches you to lead a guilt free life. If you live in past, you experience emotions like guilt, sadness, anger, etc. In present moment, there is no guilt. Live in present.
Why should you ever feel afraid of the rules of the society? Why even bother about them in the first place? Who is the society? You are answerable to your own heart, mind and conscience. Not society. What will society do anyways? Spirituality also teaches- do not be football of other people's opinions. Stop worrying what society and other people will say or think about you. You live your life to the fullest.
I am not gutsy. I am happy. I love myself. I love life. I think life is beautiful.
Have a beautiful life. Thanks for writing to me.