03 March, 2012

Baluchari Sari

They are what almost all women from Bengal dream of possessing--- Baluchari saris (six yards of cotton, silk or synthetic textile woven around the body by Indian women). They depict scenes from mythology or simple flowers or motifs, woven in contrasting colours--- they are what dreams are made of.
Baluchari saris are popular for their enticing colours and alluring designs in silk threads, done all over the body, woven in the loom while the `aanchal’ or the flowing end depicts romantic scenes or characters from Indian mythology — artistically capturing moments from the past.
But behind these magic lies months of toil and planning as to how to get the design on the pieces with their clever use in the loom.

Detailed figures, animals and architectural scenes are depicted on Baluchari sarees. The classic Baluchari has scenes from the religious epics of India. Wide borders feature repeat motifs from the pallu, often densely woven vignettes arranged in sections across the cloth. The classic Baluchari sari of Bengal was woven on the same cloth as the Tant sarees.