09 March, 2012

Buenos Aires diary- day 2 continued.

Close to my hotel, Sheraton, was this mall Gallerias Pacifico. I went there for a while.

Again a self clicked picture. I shot my image in the mirror with my iphone.

In the afternoon, I was scheduled to start my Tango lessons and practice for the performance.

After finishing a grilling practice, I attended two Milongas that night- Jueves de Canning and Nino Bien. In a milonga, it is not advisable to carry expensive camera or even iphone. Either, you could dance freely or keep an eye on your possessions. I chose to do the former. 
It was my second day and I am getting to know people ( it also meant that I cannot repeat my clothes or Tango shoes and need so many of them). 
There is no dearth of dancing. I need rest.