23 March, 2012

Buenos Aires travel diaries

Buenos Aires is one of the most romantic cities I have visited. Immersed in Tango, passion, music, art, culture. There are some positives and some negatives.

All around there are beautiful cobblestone roads. It leads to an old world charm.
  • Buenos Aires has one of the best medical system in the world and it is free. If I, as a visitor had any mishap (God forbid)- lets say, someone shot me or I slipped and had a fracture, all my treatment will be free and I become government's responsibility. I can land in a hospital and get free and best treatment. All emergency care is covered. 
  • People here work on very low wages. Which is the reason, they take multiple jobs and have stressful working hours.
  • But also all around you come across lot of garbage on the roads. LOTS
  • All the restaurants here are beautiful. There are plenty of small cafes.  
  • Even Starbucks is so beautiful here.
  • Everyone is so polite. At the bus stops, there is a single file line with no pushing, crowding or cutting. I had to laugh when the woman smoking a cigarette complained about the bus fumes. They take their carcinogens seriously here!