22 March, 2012

Dinner with Pablo and his fiance

I have written about Jeff and his band Los Angeles Del Tango, in my previous post. Pablo is a part of the same band. He plays accordion and flute. Pablo and his fiance invited us over for dinner at their place. These are the pictures of that night. Pablo and Jeff played some enchanting Tango music for us.

Pablo was trying to dance Tango with his fiance. They make such a cute couple.

It was an exotic vegetarian dinner that his fiance had cooked for us. After dinner, we had Argentinian famous ice cream Dulce de leche.

I tried to do Tango with Pablo.

This was very cute. Pablo's fiance liked the ring that I was wearing. Spontaneously, I took it off and gifted it to her. Throughout the evening, she was so pleased with her ring and was admiring it and posing for such sweet pictures.