14 March, 2012

Few teachers with whom I have been training

I will keep this post short, quick and simple. Here are few teachers with whom I have been training with, in Tango. These are the world famous teachers of Tango. They make a very structured class. One pointer from them, and the whole equation and dynamics change. Alas! we have self claimed teachers in Delhi,  who have no experience of these classes, leave aside teachers training. They proudly claim to learn it from youtube videos. It is just like a quack saying that he is a doctor and can operate because he learnt to operate seeing a youtube video.
The tango teachers I have met, here, in Argentina, are real and true teachers. No wonder, people from world over come to lean from them.

With maestro Chicho Frumboli.

With Paz Giorgi

Cecila Gonzalez

Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores