14 March, 2012

Finally I met another Indian

Finally, I met another Indian. Yesterday, during the CITA festival, I spotted this Indian looking girl. Hesitantly, I asked her where she was from. She told me that she was an Indian, settled in Australia and we hit like house on fire. We started talking in Hindi. I was missing my Hindi and even Punjabi. We were using such typical Hindi phrases, " Shaan dikha raha hai". 
Shruti is a psychologist. She is a Bharatnatyam dancer and also does Flamenco. She has started doing Tango for just 6 months and is training to be a Tango teacher. She has spent 3-4 months in Spain and hence knows Spanish. We went shopping together and later I invited her over for a very casual dinner of soup and sandwich.

In BA, you hear Tango music being played everywhere. In Tango shoes shops of course, in stores, in malls, everywhere. It is so pleasing. Behind me are a couple from Brazil, who are also participating in CITA tango festival. They were also buying tango shoes and practicing in the shop itself.

The meal that we were having together in my apartment.

I love the breads here. They are so yummy. BA is known for good bakeries and good ice cream parlors. People here, are very fond of ice creams.