22 March, 2012

Food and drinks for vegetarians in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the Steak capital of the world and me, being vegetarian, was worried as to how I would survive. I know I can survive on fresh fruits. But there are many other options for vegetarians in BA.

1. Alfajores is a speciality in Argentina. It is a must have. No trip to Buenos Aires will be complete without sampling one. It is the most popular sweet of Argentina. I have bought so many to take back home from Havanna.

Argentinians are very fond of having ice creams and they claim that they have world's best ice cream. Dulce de Leche is their most popular flavor. 

2. Argentina has the best ice cream in the world. First, because of the quality of the cream. Mostly free range cows who make better milk followed by the fact that that milk goes through less processing. The only other country that comes close is Italy, but they use egg yolk in their gelatto so it is not a fair comparison.
The best places to go get ice cream in Buenos Aires are:
1. Persicco. What a wondrous and jovial place! What great uniforms! Oh my God, dulce de leche con brownie, mascarpone con frutos del bosque, bacciola, chocolate amargo!! That first flavor is dulce de leche ice cream with real artesenal dulce de leche mixed in with big chunks of chewy brownie. 
The second flavor is akin to strawberry cheesecake but 10x better. It has the hints of the flavor of mascarpone cheese with a rich raspberry/blackberry swirl mixed in.Bacciola is basically Nutella flavored ice cream with chunks of hazelnut. Chocolate amargo is dark chocolate, but the richest most chocolately dark chocolate you’ve ever had.
2. Freddo. All over the place and with as much selection as Persicco, just a little more expensive.
3. Cremolatti. What you can be happy about here is the Mantecol flavored ice cream. Mantecol is a sort of brittle, peanut buttery candy bar here in Argentina that they have turned into an ice cream. Jump on the treadmill first.
4. Heladería Venezia. Located in Palermo just off of Av. Santa Fe on the 4500 block of calle Berutti, this is one of the only places where you can actually see the process of making ice cream. They have 3 small vats in the back where they put their creams, flavors and sugars to make you some of the most joyous chilly mouthfuls you have ever experienced.
5. Cabaña Tuyu. These guys have a flavor called Banadita Dolca. This is also a candy that is native to Argentina. That is basically a banana nougat  covered in chocolate. 
6. Nino Bianca- They are the only ones that make Beer ice cream. Try their mate cocido and cerveza.

3. There are many Pizzerias scattered in every nook and corner and they all serve great pizzas. Fresh Mozzarella pizza is easy to get.

4. Empanadas – These popular Argentine savoury pastries are one of our favourite snacks here. Although meat fillings are most common it’s easy to find queso & cebolla (cheese & onion) versions. Great for a quick and cheap meal. 

5. Medialunas – The Argentines obviously have a sweet tooth, as there are panaderias (bakeries) on every street packed with impossible to resist pastries and cakes. Medialunas (sticky croissants) are a cheap choice for breakfast or as a late afternoon snack when you are waiting desperately for dinner – they don’t eat until 10pm here.

6. Bread – With this many bakeries in town there is no excuse not to buy fresh bread. Bread is served in every restaurant before your meal, often accompanied by a garlic mayonnaise or other dip.

7. Salad- Good salads are always available in every restaurant. So are pastas.

8. Freshly squeezed orange juice- It is easily available. 

9. Mate- Herbal green tea, very popular in Argentina.

10. Malbec- Last but not the least, Malbec is very popular Argentinian wine. It must be tried.

11. I also had Subway vege sandwich