03 March, 2012

Give yourself a new leash of life

Let me tell you something about a frog. Why it is called, "kuen ka mendak" (frog in a well).
Take a frog and put it in a big nice open bowl of water. Let it get very happy and comfortable there.
Now slowly start boiling the water in that bowl from underneath by placing the bowl on fire. The frog has the capacity to jump out of the boiling water at any point of time. It will keep jumping and enduring pain inside. It will be in agony, suffer and even die inside but it will not take a leap and jump outside the bowl. It is so because, it is used to the sheltered life of the bowl. It has not seen the bigger picture in life. That bowl means the world to him.
We human beings are also more or less the same. Afraid/skeptical to take the risks, leave our comfort zone. We choose to suffer in some sheltered environment, of which we are used to, rather than take a leap and jump outside in bigger world and save our life. We cling on to something for too long. Long past its expiry date. We say we are sentimental or emotional fools.
Relationships cannot be held on to and clung on to. Even mother and child relationship, who are united by an umbilical cord, have an expiry date. Like birds, a mother to has to let go of her offsprings once they are grown up enough and have learnt to fly. She cannot hold them to herself forever. The apron strings have to be loosened. 
Similarly individuals cling on to jobs with which they are unhappy, relationships which they have outgrown. There is no point of living in misery. Moving on is a progress, not defeat. 
We cling to people and things that are familiar because sub consciously we are scared of change. This becomes even more deep rooted as time passes on and you become older. We want to be in our familiar set up, with familiar people and in familiar surroundings. But success is not for faint hearted. Sometimes tread the unexpected. Do not be scared to experiment. Only by taking risks, will you succeed.
View change as a learning experience, as a challenge. Just as you adapt a new technology or learn a new hobby. Do not feel threatened with change because you must change with the moving times. Nothing remains stationary. A rolling stone gathers no moss.