16 March, 2012

Hearing Otros Aires live in Buenos Aires

Otros Aires the famous band played live today at the grand opening milonga at Metatango. Check Otros Aires here.
It was so awesome music. I bought all their new CD's from them. The music was ...ammm!!! cannot even be described in words. And what energy on the dance floor. We went crazy dancing. First me and a group of friends had dinner there and then Tango. We did not want the music and dancing to stop.

With the band Otros Aires

With my friends from LA. Fabulous Tango dancers. Jeff even has his own Tango band in LA and plays a guitar in his band. 

My vegetarian meal.

Opening night of Metatango

Otros Aires playing live

Take a guess who was on the floor during milonga.

Gustavo Naveira's son Federico Naveira.

Also met him in milonga in Salon Canning