06 March, 2012

Hotel Europa in Frankfurt

This is Frankfurt main train station.

I stayed in hotel Europa style in Frankfurt. Europa has two hotels- Europa Life and Europa Style. The former is 3 star and the later is 4 star. I HIGHLY recommend this hotel to any traveler visiting Frankfurt. Whether you are on a business trip, leisure, vacation, whatever, this is fabulous hotel to stay. It has 5 star amenities. The staff is very helpful, warm and friendly. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Frankfurt main train station. You get great breakfast, wifi is there. It is a very modern hotel. Communicating in English is not a problem. I can assure you, you would not get better service in any other hotel. I would give it 5 stars. Check its website and picture gallery here.

I met my old friends in Frankfurt and they showed me around. We had lunch together. They both are twins. They are so friendly and warm.