23 March, 2012

Jay Jason Lee

Jason was my partner in Chicho's Tango class. It was a very difficult choreography and I was struggling with it. I gave up and quietly sat in a corner. Jason came forward and asked me to dance with him. He started teaching me, telling me each step little by little. He said, "It is OK. Breathe. You look so terrified". He kept explaining me each step and patiently went through with the choreography. I asked him if he was a dance instructor. I knew from his demeanor that he was one. He denied. He said, "no. I am also learning like you are". Slowly I started getting little bits and pieces. Then finally, he gave me his visiting card and it read, "dance instructor". Jason teaches Argentine Tango, Bachata, blues, merengue, salsa, smooth and swing. Dance instructor/teacher should be such. He did not have to tell me that he was an instructor. In fact, he kept denying it. But the way he helped me and taught me, he did not have to announce that he was one. I had a great time going through a very complicated choreography with Jason, which, towards the end did not look so complicated.