03 March, 2012

Know thy self

USA saw a transition from black and white TV, to color TV, to various channels and plasmas and LCD's in about 50 years. The same transition was witnessed by India in about two decades. It was all too soon and compressed. I wonder, is that the reason, why everyone is so confused?
People are ostentatious. They shamelessly display their new acquired wealth. Their is an influx of brands, new cars, etc. Everyone wants to prove their success and lead a hedonistic lifestyle. Many people live with the feeling of want, inadequacy and envy. This leads them to simulate the lifestyle of others without realizing their own limitations. They chase another person's dream and success story. They try to adopt a glamorous lifestyle which they cannot afford. In the process, they create a turbulence in their own life.
The mantra is that be contended with what you have and what you are. Work on your own growth rather than being blindfolded and following someone else.