24 March, 2012

Lufthansa Business Class

I do not want to sound like a complaining kid at the end of my trip. But very realistically speaking, may I bring forth the facts about Lufthansa business class seats. 
First the positives: Lufthansa has the best connectivity of flights. Best Business class lounge and senator lounges etc. The food served in the lounges as well as in flight is remarkable. You are very well looked after. I love their shower in the lounge, their internet connectivity, their handling of the baggage (priority) and whole lot of other frills that you get.

Yes, I did eat this in lounge. And I know Shreya will be glad that her trainer too is human and eats these sinful delights. 

Now the negatives: Bad seats considering it is business class. Why can't they give flat bed? Who sleeps with the legs hanging down. Not that there is no space. There is a space for flat bed. Yet the leg area is declined. tiny TV screen (I hardly watch TV anyways).

As a result, the passengers do sleep even in business class uncomfortably like this.

Compare Lufthansa business class seats with Cathay Pacific

Compare with Emirates


United Airline

Besides these I have also flown business class in KLM and Singapore airline. Their seats are also better. I have also heard rave reviews about Qatar airways. I have not tried it yet.