12 March, 2012

Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires, Sunday fair

Plaza Dorrego or Dorrego square is a square located in SanTelmo. San Telmo is the place where my CITA Tango festival is going to take place in Dandi mansion. Which is the reason, I rented an apartment in San Telmo. It is a beautiful old part of the city with lot of heritage buildings. It still maintains its old world and oriental charm. In 19th century, San Telmo was the main residential barrio (neighborhood) of BA and Plaza Dorrego was its focal point. My New Delhi readers can compare Plaza Dorrego to a square like Sundernagar market. Its exactly like that square with antique shops all around. Every Sunday in Plazza Dorrego there is a fair here (compare it to our Sundernagar Diwali mela), called San Telmo fair or Feria de San Telmo where mainly antiques are sold.
Currently, here are many cafes, bars and pubs which fill the square. (Just like again we have in Sundernagar).Musicians and dancers- particularly tango exhibitions are seen here.
Plaza Dorrego is located at the intersection of Humberto Primero and Defensa street. It is one of the main attraction of BA. One sees so much action on Sunday. Tango dancers on the street, Tango musicians, antique stalls (like our flea market) and in the evening there is a milonga in the square.

Tango paintings

These tea cups are locally made. People drink mate tea in it. It is like a green tea. It is supposed to have less caffeine and helps in weight loss. It has Vitamins and antioxidants. The tea is traditionally served in these gourd cups. My Tango teachers drink this tea in these cups all the time. I have also started drinking this tea.

Yes, animals are slaughtered here for their fur. Real fur and leather is sold.

The pink stone seen here is the national stone of Argentina. It is called Rodocrosita or Rhodochrosite. It is one of the most glitzy stone in the world.

The antiques. (They called it so. To me it looked like Janpath ka maal)

Musicians playing Tango music on the road.

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie...cute no?

These are hand knitted. Can be worn as head band or around the neck. I loved them but did not buy them. Mom knit them for me. See carefully mom.

These fresh orange juice stalls are quite popular in BA. A glass is sold for 10 peso. Freshly squeezed.

Look at the rush on the street. There was music, dancing, drums, lots of foreigners with cameras. It looked like Chandni Chowk.

Drums and dancing.

I love such painted walls. They also have Tango pictures as you can see.

Tango Tango and more tango

These belts reminded me of someone. But....