23 March, 2012


This blog post is dedicated to Shreya. It should have come much more earlier but it is never too late. The credit for inspiring me to write about my travel to BA goes to Shreya. Not that I did not intend to write about the travel experience. But I would have postponed it and wrote about it after reaching back Delhi. But she persuaded me to write a travel diary and I went ahead. It made more sense to do it regularly while I was traveling. If I had it my way, I would have composed the posts and delayed posting them. Thanks to this travel blog of BA, there was an upsurge in the readership and the emails that poured in. Shreya you always come up with brilliant ideas and give me honest feedback for my blogs. Thanks dear. Now I am waiting for you to start your blog and I would be your ardent reader. Another person, who also reads and gives me great feedback is Shalu. Thanks to you too dear.