17 March, 2012

Tango shoes from Buenos Aires

Another question I love here. People do not ask each other, "Did you buy shoes?" The question asked is, "How many pair of shoes did you buy?" And then, next one is, "Say the truth. Not the number you are giving to your family." The numbers are phenomenal. I know women who have exhausted their credit card limit buying these shoes. Men and women are equally excited about shoes. I have about 5 classes a day for about 1.30- hour each. Then milongas. Sometimes practicas too. Everyone has similar time schedule. Still we find time to sneak out and buy shoes. And then when you come back, all excited, carrying those shoe bags, everyone surrounds you excitedly, like kids and takes a sneak preview of the shoe. Then they are assessed. Tango shoes---ammm!! They are gorgeous here. I do not even want to disclose the number of shoes (Zapatoes)  I have bought.