15 March, 2012

We will miss each other

I love this question. Here, in CITA Tango festival in Buenos Aires, people do not ask each other, "Are you going to milonga tonight?" The question which is asked is, "Which milonga are you going to tonight?" We all have a Tango map guide. A book/magazine, which states the best milongas every night, their addresses/maps, there are promotions and advertisements for clothes, shoes, practicas, classes etc.
The whole atmosphere is just so cute, so alive, fresh, refreshing, breathing, pumping, throbbing, energetic. No bitching, gossip, politics. There is a lot of camaraderie. Everyone is helping everyone. We are all moving as whole unit, a part of the group or family. We will all be so sad when we will be leaving on the last day. Gosh no. Some people were already joking that they have bought new hanker chief to wipe their tears on the last day. Some said they bought a towel and others said they bought a bed sheet. Jokes aside, we will be sad. But now we will all be connected always. We are already planning to come back next year again. Its the best trip and the best place to visit and I am amongst lovely people.