26 March, 2012

Why I cannot teach Tango

I have been asked innumerable times to teach Tango in Delhi. Specially so because there is dearth (read none) of a tango teacher in Delhi. I have always refused every offer to teach Tango. I own a fitness studio, where I can start a Tango class whenever I want. There is a list of more than 25 people willing to join. So why do I stubbornly/vehemently refuse every such offer? Why I will never teach Tango?

My reasons are as follows:

While I can safely assist any teacher/instructor to teach Tango, I myself cannot/will not teach it. (Good teachers, willing to teach Tango are welcome to contact me). For one, it is not always so that a good dancer is also a good teacher and vice versa. Teaching and dancing are two different ball games. If I start teaching, I am sure I will stop enjoying dancing (I am not saying this holds true for all teachers. But it does for me). I can't break up the dance to teach and go 1 2 3 4. I would rather just DO. When I am a follower, I rely on the leader to lead me. I enjoy following (actively). I cannot do the leader's part one bit. I can't even embrace like a leader. So who will teach the leader's part? Not me, for sure.

Tango involves intense body awareness. Much more so than Yoga or Tai chi, etc. The body dynamics change with every change in the lead or follow. While I can respond to the lead, I cannot explain those changes or make corrections and suggestions for others. The teachers are able to point with precision, how, why, where, what to change. The cause and the effect.

Hence people, stop asking me to teach you. I cannot. Let me enjoy dancing for myself.