08 April, 2012

Feroza/ Turquoise stone

I had been on a lookout for good feroza stone/ ring for a long time. I had been telling my dad to get it for me. But somehow, he could not source it for me for a while. In Argentina (Buenos Aires), I saw this authentic, antique feroza ring. I fell in love with it instantly. I did a test to see if it was real. 
You test it by burning it. If it is plastic, it will melt. Also another way to tell if it's real or not, is to wrap a hair around the stone and hold it near a flame. If the hair burns, it's fake and if the hair remains intact, it's genuine. It is difficult to procure original, antique, feroza. This one is original Persian Turquoise.
Firoza or Turquoise has some astrological benefits. It is believed that a person wearing this stone will not die from poisoned food. The stone changes its color to warn the wearer. The stone also serves as protective charm for wearer and saves the wearer from accidents and evil eye. The stone also changes color with weather and indicates the weather. It brings lot of success to the wearer. It absorbs all the negative energy and takes all evil vibrations on itself. The stone is also good for lovers. It can be given as gift of love. It can be worn by Virgo, Saggitarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Gemini. 

I wore this Dhakai Sari today to a friend's lunch. Would post pictures of that soon. I have worn this sari here before. I intend to wear a lot of my chanderis and cottons this summer. People shy away from wearing such fluffy saris and I love them and can carry them well. I take less than 5 minutes to drape a sari, am very comfortable in it and never use a single pin to pin up my saris. I cannot spoil them with pricks and holes. I would not wear a sari again even if it had a tiniest tear/prick/hole from a safety pin.
Maybe I am too sentimental about my saris. But I treat them as if they are alive and can feel. And I think pricking will hurt them. They are soft and sensual and just meant to be draped and enjoyed like a poetry, like a dream, like soft fluffy clouds.