27 April, 2012

I hate people who hate Delhi

I have some VERY STRONG feelings about Delhi/India. I have said so many times in the past, I am very proud of my city and my country. I am very patriotic. I actually love my city, my life here, the roads, the infrastructure, the system, the weather, the people, EVERYTHING about it. And I dislike, no I think I HATE it if someone/anyone talks about it in any derogatory term. You do not like my city, please get out of here. Because I do not like you staying here, enjoying its comforts and condemning it. I do not like it when NRI's not staying here, not knowing the facts, condemn it.
I have not come across any other nationality, who talks in derogatory manner about their own country. Why do we Indians do that? And on top of it feel PROUD to anathematize our own country and system. Do you think that by adjudging it, you become superior? You definitely fall in my eyes, if not your own. What do I say to my fellow Indian/fellow Delhite, who addresses me as, "you bloody Indians", addresses my city as "your God forsaken city", addresses my people as, "waahiyaat log" (meaning- horrible people)? In Hindi we have a saying, "Jis Thaali mein khaaya usi mein ched kiya". Loosely translated in English, it means, "hurt the very same hand that feeds you."
I have no patience for any such Indian. Even my blog has no patience to go on and on about such a topic.
Are the other parts of the world PERFECT- completely crime free, no corruption, clean politicians? Then what is stopping you from leaving my city and going to your perfect place?