17 April, 2012

My article in Telegraph, Graphiti

My article about Kickboxing got published in Telegraph newspaper, its magazine- Graphiti, this Sunday.
Check the online link here.

This is what it said about me.

“Women are more interested in losing weight, which is why they are drawn to high calorie-burning activities like kickboxing, while men focus on building muscle and weight-training,” says fitness expert Kiran Sawhney. She adds that kickboxing (which burns 800 calories an hour) is more appealing to women since it’s a bit like an aerobic workout when performed with music.
Sawhney has about 15 women, aged between 16 and 56, kickboxing their way to fitness at Fitnesolution, Delhi. While kickboxing involves kicks and punches, Muay Thai adds elbow- and knee-strikes and raises the bar to 900 calories burned in each one-hour session. It’s a rigorous cycle of three minutes of combat training followed by a minute’s rest.