03 April, 2012

Tango in Delhi

The old readers of this blog and people who know me, know how much I love Delhi/India. How proud I am, of my city and country. I have accepted/loved it with its flaws. FIRST time, I feel something missing in Delhi, that I do not get here and look forward to my travel trips to get my fill of that. And that is Tango.
I do not get enough Tango in Delhi. Not enough people to dance with. Not enough milongas. No good teachers. No practicas. Yes, what we do have is plenty of politics.
I left my heart in Buenos Aires. Delhi, first time you are not giving me what my heart desires. Oh! please change the situation soon. Sooner than soon. 
I am already working on my next Tango vacation. Till then, I am just about surviving/floating. For a person addicted to Tango, I am having withdrawal symptoms now. Dr. Delhi please fix it. Or should I say, my Tango partners outside Delhi, come and fix the problem.