30 April, 2012

10 Things to give up to be happy

We hold on to many things and that is the cause of our suffering and unhappiness. If you give up certain things, you will be much more happier and life would be much more easier. We cling to a lot of unnecessary things. Try to give up following things and see how life becomes smoother.

1. Give up living your life to other people's expectations- Stop being stuck in an image. You do not have to be perfect. You want to be the best mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law, etc etc. Give up trying to impress everyone. Stop trying so hard to please and stop putting that mask. If you live more natural self, people will be more impressed by you. You are living life the way others want you to live. For once, live it the way you want to live without caring for society. Listen to your inner voice and your inner calling. Try not to please everyone and living up to their expectation. Live for yourself NOW. You have this one life. Why to think twice while living it? Don't let other people own your life, take charge of it or control it.

2. Give up past- Do not delude yourself. Past is over. It is history. Live in present. NOW. Do not let feelings like sadness, guilt, anger- the feelings associated with past, interfere and ruin your present.

3. Give up excuses- In Hindi we have a saying, naach na jaane aangan terha. Which loosely describes the excuses one makes. Take charge and responsibility of the situation. Do not make excuses- not even with your own self. Grow, work on yourself and improve your life instead of getting stuck and playing blame game on situation, people around you, your limitations etc. Work each and every situation towards your advantage. Do not give up. Do not be a looser.

4. Give up attachment- Get detached. Read my post about it here. Attachment brings fear. Attachment with things, people, place etc is not good. Attachment is not same as love. Because in love, you have no fear. In love you are peaceful, serene, calm and composed.

5. Give up fear- Fear is a feeling associated with future. In present, there is no fear. Live in present. Fear is an illusion. It does not exist. It is all created by the mind. If you bring your mind to NOW state, there is no  fear.

6. Give up resistance to change- Change is a law of nature. Whatever you resist, shall persist. Hence, do not resist change. Change will help you improve and grow. Embrace the change. Do not become, what we call in Hindi, "lakeer ke fakeer".

7. Give up complaining- Stop complaining about people around you, life around you, your country, your system, your city, your politicians. Either attempt to change what you are not happy with. If you cannot, accept people and situations the way they are. Nobody and no situation can make you unhappy unless you allow it to. Have positive thinking.

8. Give up thinking that "it is impossible"- Nothing is impossible, thinking makes it so. Impossible says- I M Possible. Give up thinking about what you cannot do. Spread your wings and fly. Mind over body and matter. Once you have a resolve to make it happen, it will happen. Read another post here.

9. Give up the negative thoughts- We believe the negative and not the positive. Whereas, it should be vice versa. If someone criticizes you, doubt that. But if someone compliments you, positively accept that. Do not have self defeating self talk. Give up negative, polluted and self defeating mind set.

10. Give up giving explanations- They never work. All you end up doing is get into an unnecessary argument. You owe it only to your own self. Explanations are unnecessary.