07 April, 2012

Wearing a maheshwari sari to a friend's party

Of late, I have been in a Sari mode. I do have such phases. Specially in summers, when I want to wear my chaderis, maheshwaris, kota and south cottons. After being in track pants and T shirt all day long and party in western outfits all the time, I suddenly itch to get into my saris. So at a dear friend's house party, I took a plunge and wore my maheshwari sari to her do. I knew all my other girlfriends would be in westerns. But, I wanted to wear my sari even though it was different and stood out. My this group of friends is pretty chilled out. I can take such risks with them. Loved the evening. In coming few days, maybe I will wear saris more often. I have been buying quite a few new ones.

I have worn this sari here before.

Seen below, I am with my younger one.