08 May, 2012

Delhi page 3

Madhur Bhandarkar made this wonderful movie Page 3. Recently, a leading publication has commissioned me to do research and give inside scoops about Page 3 of Delhi. We would not name anyone here but they would draw similarities.  What happens in their real life? How they bitch and gossip, spread rumors, get abusive, how fake lives they lead and how they carry fake bags. How they act sugar sweet on the face and stab behind backs. But there are some genuinely good ones too. Very warm, very helpful, doing good work, leading great lives, good human beings. They genuinely deserve to be written about. They are people of dignity, integrity and of substance.
Hey! I am just researching and reporting. Thats where my role starts and ends. This, leading publication, wants me to be involved because they thought, I could give them inside information. As my research is getting deeper, it is getting more interesting, hot and spicy. Soon (Maybe within a year) you will see the outcome of it. Get ready for some sizzling news.