11 May, 2012

How green is the grass on the other side

They say, "Grass is always greener on the other side". Yet, I believe and say, that if you want to be happy, peaceful and contended, accept what you presently have. Never live with regret, remorse or longing for what you do not have or could have had. Never live in a make believe and a fantasy world.
That is probably the reason, why I am always Happy. Come what may. It is in my control and power to be and to remain happy. And come what may, I would not give that control in anyone else's hands. Reins of my happiness should, and always will, remain in my hand. And I am not faking it, when I am saying that I am happy. People might say or do mean things but it still remains in my power to not let them affect me. I still remain happy within myself. I move on in life unaffected, undaunted.
People crib about their situations, jobs, spouses, relationships, children, city, country, etc etc. I accept and embrace all this. What I do not like and is in my control, I try to change and rectify. Beyond that, I let it be.
Everyone, everything and every place has its pros and cons. Nobody and nothing is perfect. Take the positives and overlook the negatives. Grumbling will only make you feel worse. Having said that, do I grumble? Oh yes, I certainly do. But in a different way. It is like an outlet of emotions. I would call my sister or a friend and say that I need to talk, share and kvetch. But that is about it. Having done that, I do not ponder over it. Then I move on.
Stop indulging in self pity or making yourself a martyr. Stop living a life of "if" and "but". Either change, or accept. Don't hang in between. And supposing you can neither change nor accept, then do not lament. Change your track. Let things be. There is a Hindi term for this, "patli gali se sarak lo" :)
Life is not (and should not be) a bed of roses. The grass might look greener on the other side but ask the other party, if everything is perfect in their life. It can never be. Everyone, every place has problems. The nature of those problems change. How you deal with them is in your control and would define you and your happiness.